Pacific Legal Foundation Wins Takings Clause Case!

By Cindy Alia 4/16/24

Pacific Legal Foundation, in the case Sheetz v. El Dorado County , won important property rights protection when the  Supreme Court unanimously said legislatures can't impose extortionate fees to get a building permit.  

George Sheetz built a career and livelihood as an engineering contractor and consultant in Northern California. In 2016, he began preparing for retirement and bought a vacant lot in rural El Dorado County for a small, manufactured home where he and his wife would live and raise their grandson.

CAPR Spokane Luncheon Event, CAPR in the News!


The Saturday May 4th ANNUAL SPOKANE CAPR Luncheon and AUCTION was an exceptionally fine event, with fun, good food, and great people!

GUEST SPEAKER: Pete Serrano, Attorney

Silent Majority  Foundation—Pasco, WA

“Fighting for Your Rights—One Lawsuit At a Time”

Informative workshops were held featuring:

Glen Morgan - State of the State

Steve Busch - Predator Policy Analysis and Fluoride Update

Steve Corker - Landlord Issues

Important NOTICE OF CONTINUATION on UPDATE! May 14 Council Meeting and Hearing! Critical Update! Attend May 14 Hearing!



The Pierce County Council will continue the May 14 Hearing on May 21!

Please take advantage of this opportunity to provide testimony, and appear in person to make your opinion on regulation to take your property rights by ordinance to Eliminate the Rural 5 designation and replace it with the Rural 10 designation, restricting your ability to use your rural property!


From Pierce County:


Liberty Oriented Organizations Featuring Washington Sensible Shorelines Association


By Cindy Alia

CAPR is interested in and grateful for other organizations that focus on a fair, balanced, scientifically sound, and well managed regulatory means.  It is not enough for government to regulate and leave forgetting the long term management best practices, rather, an ideal regulatory environment would include sensible solutions and management strategies that would serve the purposes of long term goals that are acheivable and workable and that include the experiences and dare say expertise of those living in the working environment.  

Competing Bills Undermine Housing Updated

By Cindy Alia

Updated 2/26/24

We are pleased to note the Senate Ways and Means committee held today at 10:00 am failed to hear HB 2114 in executive session.  This means the bill is dead for this session as it would miss the deadling established for today for a bill to be read on the floor.  That won't happen as the Ways and Means committee failed to hear the bill in executive committee and it can't be passed to the rules committee or the floor.  Good news for landlords and tenants alike who would find it hard to be prepared for the additional burdens and expenses that would have resulted from the passage of the bill.

Updated 2/20/24

Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights Banquet Thank you!


CAPR especially thanks all members and friends who attended our event making it a fun and uplifting experience!  Your dedication to liberty and property rights along with your generous support for CAPR's mission of respecting and restoring property rights has made our past and will make our future work possible and impactful!  Thank you!

 “Restoring Common Sense in Washington” Initiatives, Taxation, Education.

 Thank you Keynote Speaker Jim Walsh!

Prohibiting the Use of Natural Gas in Washington State Updated

By Cindy Alia 1/19/24

Updated 2/26/24

We are pleased to note the Senate Ways and Means committee did not give HB 1589 and executive hearing today.  This means the bill is dead as it did not get passed out of committee to the rules committee or the floor for a vote in time to miss the establshed deadline today for bills from the opposite house to be read on the floor.  This is good news for those who wouold prefer to rely on a combination of natural gas and electricity rather than on electricity only.  Our already over-burdened electric grid would struggle to meet the demands this bill would have required leaving some with limited power and eliminated options.

Domestic Violent Extremist Bill HB 1333 In Legislature Again!


Updated 2/19/24

By Cindy Alia

This bill is dead for this session, and deservedly so as it is the most discriminatory bill ever produced by legislators.  This is the kind of bill that would have ripped our society apart and was never worth consideration let alone the waste of resources and time spent on preparing it.  As an electorate we must do better at seeing principled candidates who recognize the differences between right and wrong elected regardless of party affiliation. 


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