Explore the Issues

Explore the Issues

  • Administrative State

    Agency rules, policies, plans, act on citizens as law. Through courts and deference to administrative law, legislative power has been usurped from elected representatives into the hands of agencies. Administrative law reform must focus on restoring the power to make law into the hands of elected representatives.
  • Climate Change

    Hotly debated, climate change theory has contributed to a culture of fear that interferes with rational and constitutionally based law making. Seeking science based factual information can inform legitimate response to proposed actions on climate change theory.
  • Natural Resources

    Modern necessities of life depend on natural resources, innovative use of resources has provided more benefit for more people. The balance of use and conservation, is key to our liberty and prosperity.
  • Critical Areas

    Regulating land-use adjacent to environmentally sensitive areas relies almost exclusively on presumptions and generalizations. Regulators want to make property owners bear the burden of solving the region’s storm water runoff problems...
  • Urban Density

    Call it stack and pack or in-fill, the issues that come with the changing character of cities is impacted by urban density and the urban growth boundary created in the Growth Management Act.
  • Growth Management

    Added costs come in many different forms, including building fees, permitting fees, utility fees, impact fees, and the Growth Management Act, a state law that controls local planning decisions... Restrictions on land use and residential construction inflate the cost of housing...

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