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CAPR Spokane March 23 Monthly Meeting - Special Guest: Steve Busch--Safe Water Spokane

Thursday--March 23

5:30 to 8 PM--Spokane Valley Library

12004 E. Main Street

Featuring Special Guest: Steve Busch--Safe Water Spokane - Fluoridation: Is it Worth the Risk?

"What are some of the impacts on our neighborhoods we should expect if the Spokane City Council decides to implement water fluoridation? What are the risks from accidents, spills, overfeeds and other security concerns? What are the top ten reasons to oppose fluoridation? This presentation will answer all of the above, and conclude with what we can do to stop fluoridation in Spokane."

CAPR Bills of Concern Legislative Wrap

By Cindy Alia


The 105 "long session" is over as of April 23.  It was indeed a long session with too many bills introduced and some carelessly passed.  Even so, the legislature failed to pass a law regarding illegal drug posession, leaving behind a legacy of careless disregard for those suffering addiction and those suffering because so many are addicted.  In essence because a bill was not passed all drugs in this state are now legal.

That aside, the CAPR bills of concern will be updated below.  Please be sure to thank your legislator if he voted the way you would have liked him to vot

CAPR Banquet April 29, 2023

At the April 29 CAPR Annual Banquet Event the CAPR board and members enjoyed learning about beef produced by independent cattle producers with our Keynote Speaker Bill Bullard, R-CALF USA.  Bill discussed key issues in defending a healthy beef supply chain, the obstacles to the industry and those who want to support and enjoy the products of the industry.  We want to thank Bill for an eye-opening presentation!

CAPR Bills of Serious Concern

CAPR Bills of Concern

February 26, 2023

By Cindy Alia

CAPR has compiled this list of Serious Bills of Concern, we would urge a no vote on this list of bills.

Gun Rights

HB 1240 - 2023-24

Establishing firearms-related safety measures to increase public safety.

Sponsors: Peterson, Senn, Alvarado, Walen, Street, Springer, Simmons, Reeves, Reed, Ormsby, Kloba, Fitzgibbon, Duerr, Doglio, Berry, Bateman, Fey, Davis, Ramel, Bergquist, Fosse, Pollet, Lekanoff, Macri, Gregerson, Santos

This bill is a so called “assault weapons” ban.

Deceit, Harm, and the Loss of Human Values

By Cindy Alia

February 21, 2023

Two more bills that dehumanize and deceive us.  Lets look at what they really want to say.

As discussed in a recent blog, Value Life to Value Property Rights, including abortion as a constitutionally protected natural right goes against the ideal of positive rights creating the foundation of constitutional protections.  It is still urged SJR 8202 is not passed, though it is currently eligible for a vote on the senate floor.  But there are two other bills we must look at to defend our status as human beings worthy of establishing and keeping our liberties.  We must value humanity to value property.

Are You Ready For a Road Usage Charge

February 15, 2023,

Today, a newly filed bill, HB 1832, the Road Usage Charge has reared its inequitable head once again.  This darling of representative Jake Fey, D, chair of the transportation committee, has lingered for far too long in the minds of representatives such as Fey who refuses to see the way this method of taxation will impact citizens unequally.  Hardly noticed by those who find Electric Vehicles affordable, the taxation will fall the hardest on lower income and rural vehicle owners who are already paying for the infrastructure needed and being created for the plug in crowd.   

Grift, Subterfuge, and Lies, No faith in the legislature.

January 29, 2023

Updated April 10, 2023 (with new video from We the Governed)

By Cindy Alia

CAPR has been working the legislature for years trying to promote bills that would rein in legislative madness, promote legislative responsibility to oversee administrative law carried out by state agencies, and to prevent the passing of laws that harm life, liberty, and property of all citizens.  We're done with the idea that trust can be built and legislators will create laws that will be administrated as described, and will honestly be carried out as written. 

Value Life to Value Property Rights

January 25, 2023

By Cindy Alia

Constitutional Abortion, can we value liberty and not value life?

SR 8202, Amending the Constitution to address reproductive freedom is objected to and should not be passed.  It is the opposite of the objectives to our State Constitution which explicitly professes, protects, and expands upon our God Given natural rights.  The words of the constitution expand upon positive rights and provides the citizens of this state with protection of those rights, they do not explicitly condone the taking of innocent lives.  To enter into our constitution a guarantee of the taking of innocent lives is wrong and is in itself unconstitutional. 


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